Artist and Producer - Brent Leitner

Chicago based producer, Brent Leitner, started his career collaborating with notable music industry professionals like Grammy Award winning Curtis Johnson (Destiny's Child), George Langis (Smashing Pumpkins, Mudvayne) as well as teaming with producer Matt Mercado (Daisy Chain, Pivot Man).

Since starting, Brent's songs have been nationally and internationally released. His music has been remixed by top industry producers like Midnight Conspiracy (Ultra Records), Nynex (Foster the People, Hanz Zimmer) and has been featured on the MTV network as well as indie movies such as Tomorrow Never Knows and The Thirsting (Micky Rooney)

When not in the producer's chair, Brent has toured nationally as guitarist for Alfa Matrix recording artist I:Scintilla, and currently writes and produces for his band Goodnight Criminals.

Listen to Brent's Latest Mix of Jesus on the Mainline's song "Always with Me".

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